Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best Music of 2010 Part 1

I'm composing this list similarly to last year in that "best music" includes individual songs, EPs, LPs, and whatever else is out there. It's all pretty subjective on my part, so don't look too much into the science. This post will be followed by two more parts, the third of which will include my absolute favorites from 2010 with supplementary writing. Wish I had time to write something for all these selections, but hopefully the YouTube links will fill the void a little bit. Before getting on with it, a couple notes.

There is only so much music I can listen to in a year, and there's certain music I hear about while I'm actually making this list and don't include to give it a little more time to sink in. This year the big one for me is Tokimonsta, whose Cosmic Intoxication EP and Midnight Menu LP both seem really awesome. Also cool are '08 (Live at Teotihuacan) and '09 (Goodbye) releases from French artist Koudlam, in addition to some pretty sweet remixes. Lastly is Gang Gang Dance's one-track Kamakura EP, which took me forever to find.

Enjoy the list and Happy New Year!

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