Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Now that I've finally replaced my DJ Console RMX with a new, wait for it, DJ Console RMX2, I was eager to get mixing with the giant pile of tracks I've accumulated since the last time I did this some 10 months ago. I was originally going to hang out between 125 and 130 BPMs, but then I decided I had enough material in the 160 range to make a fully-featured mix there. Weirdly enough this was spurred by my relistening to Underworld's Second Toughest In The Infants and realizing that "Banstyle" was probably running at 160, and then knowing that I had to make it the conclusion to a footwork mix. So here we are. Merry MixXmas and thanks for listening.

Gold Skulltulla - Work


Afrika Hi-Tech - Out in the Streets (VIP)
OM Unit - Jaguar
DJ Diamond - Digital Junkie
DJ Rashad - Drums Please (feat. Manny)
Pixelord - Paperball
DJ Heavy D - 801 Grease St.
Chrissy Muderbot - Bionic Penguins
Traxman - All I Feel
DJ Earl - Ambienttt
Ital Tek - Fireflies
Squarepusher - Angel Integer
Tesla Boy - Spirit of the Night
Mark Pritchard - Ghosts
DJ Diamond - Decoded
DJ Rashad - Leavin' (feat. Manny)
Nguzunguzu - Delirium
Kode9 - Kan
DJ Earl - More Than Special
Pixelord - Been Lookin'
DJ Rashad - Rollin'
Underworld - Banstyle / Sappy's Curry
Tokimonsta - Simple Reminder

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