Friday, September 9, 2016

Best Music of 2015

Yes, this is a super belated list, so I won't delay things with much preamble at this point. I've embedded a YouTube playlist below with one entry for each artist/band in the list proper. Some aren't the exact song from the list, but I've got to work with what's already uploaded. I had a basic list culled around the beginning of this year, but if nothing else, my delay in publishing it has given me time to listen to a bunch of stuff that normally would have ended up in an honorable mentions category for not having had time to do more that skim through it. No individual write-ups this year, but here are a couple quick notes:

DJ Paypal was an obvious standout this year with his unique mutation of footwork music.
Rustie's latest was passed over by a lot of critics, but it's really grown on me and I think it's his strongest effort to date, and I love the overblown production work.
Legowelt wins MVP for having the highest quantity of quality output in a year.
Lastly, and most importantly, the award for Piano Stab Of The Year goes to Special Request for "Reset It." Runners up include DJ Mastercard feat. DJ Paypal for "Lethal" and Lockah for "Barcelona Drums."

1. DJ Paypal - Buy Now LP
2. Jamie xx - In Colour LP
4. Legowelt - Anaconda Flow EP / Tondalayo EP / Immensity of Cosmic Space EP / Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1 EP
5. Lakker - Tundra LP
6. Head High & WK7 -  Home. House. Hardcore. LP
7. Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden of Delete LP
8. Container - LP LP
9. Kuedo - Assertion of a Surrounding Presence EP
10. Egyptrixx - Transfer of Energy LP
11. DJ MasterCard - Corrupt Memories EP
12. Jlin - Dark Energy LP
13. Special Request - Modern Warfare LP
14. Data - Money (Aamourocean Remix)
15. Clouds - Tannhäuser Acid Works III EP
16. Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh LP
17. FaltyDL - Visceral / The Ah Track
18. Gacha - Send Two Sunsets LP
19. Hodge - Blood Moon
20. Panda Bear - PBVSGR LP
21. CFCF - Colors of Life LP
22. Arca - Mutant LP
23. A-trak - Push
24. John Carpenter - Lost Themes LP
25. Todd Terje - Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
26. µ-Ziq - XTLP LP
27. Kelela - Hallucinogen EP
28. Jam City - Crisis (Special Mix)
29. Lightning Bolt - Fantasy Empire LP
30. The Chemical Brothers - EML Ritual
31. The Orb - History of the Future Part 2 LP / Moonbuilding 2703 AD LP
32. Escort - Animal Nature LP
33. Burial - Temple Sleeper
34. Floating Points - Elaenia LP
35. JoeFarr - FS3+4
36. Squarepusher - Damogen Furies LP
37. Zigg Gonzalezz - High Jackin'
38. Perc - Gob EP
39. Ital Tek - Hollowed LP
40. Ellen Allien - High
41. Pixelord - Places LP
42. Canblaster - Rev Tower
43. Eric Prydz - Opus
44. Darkel - True Lover
45. Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue LP
46. Benjamin Damage - Obsidian LP
47. Javi Frias - Body Heat EP
48. Kode9 - Nothing LP
49. Julio Bashmore - Knockin' Boots LP
50. Miami Horror - All Possible Futures LP

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