Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 Round-Up (Remixers, Remixees and Can't-Wait-Fors)

Ah remixes; music's candy. For artists to be in the running for the remix categories I had to be able to cite more than one stellar remix that they were involved with this year or in general considered the phrase: "he/she/they really had some good remixes this year" when seeing the band name. I'm saving snippets and blurbs for the tracks and albums posts. Forthcoming is a full list of all my favorite songs from the year including lots of remixes inferred by the rankings in this post.

Top 20 Remix Artists

1. Soulwax
2. Erol Alkan
3. Kris Menace
4. Studio
6. Fake Blood
7. The Twelves
8. SebastiAn
9. Hot Chip
10. Van She
11. A-Trak/Trizzy
12. Mercurious FM
13. Herve
14. Crookers
15. Skream
16. Burial
17. Crystal Castles
18. Villains
19. Supermayer
20. TEPR

Most Remixable Artists

1. Justice
2. Chromeo
3. Daft Punk
4. Dragonette
5. Klaxons
6. LCD Soundsystem
7. Bloc Party
8. The Black Ghosts
9. Feist
10. Michael Jackson

Can't wait for New Stuff from:
Gang Gang Dance
Crystal Castles
Hot Chip
Miami Horror


Michael said...

I can't believe that the Klaxons are so low on your list. Also, where is JT on most remixable, and Cousin Cole on best Remixer? Otherwise I agree with the lists totally. Oh wait KISSY SELL OUT boii!!!

Gold Skulltulla said...


klaxons basically hands down won this category last year. this year, aside from remixes of golden skans, i couldn't think of much that was really great. similar for JT, but i don't know if he had any really great remixes made from his stuff this year. as for kissy, i'm conflicted. his all saints remix is fantastic, but he kind of fell of the radar for me after that. if i end up feeling anyone deserving was left off the list, it might be him, but i stand by my list as of present.

tssmithaz said...

What about some progressive house guys like Deadmau5 and Pryda? Boys Noize and Trentemoller deserve some props too. They all had some amazing new stuff this year. Best Live Show this year definitely was Daft Punk!

Gold Skulltulla said...

Deadmau5 and Pryda had a good year, but they just weren't in my top 20. Boys Noize's remix of Feist was fantastic, but I couldn't think of any other great remixes he did this year (the Marylin Manson one was OK, and the Justice one wasn't as good as Soulwax's version). The new remix of Apparat is VERY good though. As for Trentemoller, I dunno, I love the guy but only his remix of Robyn really struck me this year, and I've overplayed it to the point that I don't usually want to listen to it anymore. I still listen to The Last Resort all the time though.