Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Round-Up: Singles (21-7)

Round two for singles. Now the placements are even looser, but at least the top six will be rather tight and specifically chosen. All links are still zshare.

21. All Saints - Chick Fit (Kissy Sell Out's Excellent Adventure) Probably the first great track of the year. It's fallen a few spots since then, but still has great staying power. Kissy's best work this year as well.

20. The Field - Over the Ice The Field's album works better as a complete work as it's hard for me to select a standout song. It's all good, but I suppose I particularly like the opener.

19. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Strip Steve U and I Remix) So many good Chromeo remixes, so little time. Save yourself the effort and get this one, nothing else comes close.

18. The Tough Alliance - First Class Riot All the elements that make TTA a great band are here. Very catchy and upbeat, while also rather strange. ...something to do with dolphins maybe.

17. Burial - Raver It might be the most straightforward track from the new Burial LP, but that's not why I really like it. I don't really know why actually. Like The Field, I'm used to seeing this in the context of other Burial tracks. Makes for a lovely ending though.

16. Armand Van Helden - I Want Ur Soul (Fake Blood Remix (Mercurius FM House Edit)) Fake Blood tore it up this year. If only his output was a little bit more frequent (we got 3 remixes this year). This edit found the best part of his AvH remix and made the whole track about it.

15. Boys Noize - & Down Talk about setting the pace for an album. "& Down" is positively explosive.

14. Studio - Life's A Beach! (Prins Thomas Mix) Studio's sandy epic gets even more blissed-out and funky with this remix.

13. Chromatics - Let's Make This A Moment To Remember This song makes me want to cry (in a good way though).

12. Radiohead - Videotape I didn't really think Radiohead would make another song of this quality. I guess they showed me.

11. Panda Bear - I'm Not Soft and gorgeous. Other Panda Bear tracks from the new LP might draw comparisons to other musicians, but "I'm Not" stands on its own two feet, sounding like nothing else.

10. Tie: Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) and Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Jackson's "Do the J.A.H.C.B." Mix) So much good Justice this year, including great remixes. Special shout out to "Phantom" and remixes of it, which were also great, but "D.A.N.C.E." takes the cake. The MSTRKRFT take has the hottest climax of any club track this year, while Jackson's take is simply stunning as it draws in samples from the entire Justice album. I love them both, but each for different things.

9. Dragonette - Competition (Ocelot Remix) This song made me stand up and pay attention to Dragonette. This is my "Bossy - Braxe & Falke Mix" for 2007.

8. Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Possible Remake by Studio) This track is so sentimental and sweet, I just love it. Sound like it could have been right off of Studio's album this year.

7. LA Priest - Engine (Erol Alkan Re-Edit) Erol's a busy guy, but I'm glad he found some spare time to put another certified banger out in 2007. "Engine" is a sweet track all in itself, but Erol sets this on fire.


tssmithaz said...

Loving your list man. I have most of the stuff on it. Check out "D.A.N.C.E" remixed by Alan Braxe and Fred Falke.

Gold Skulltulla said...

thanks tssmithaz,
yeah, i think most people who stay up on the music blogoshere probably have all this stuff, but eh, they're still my faves. And yeah, the AB & FF remix, and the Les Rhythms Digitales remix are both stellar as well.