Friday, May 16, 2008

Mixo de Mayo

After such a joyous MixXmas last year, it was decided to spread the cheer all the way into this Spring. Thus, the first Mixo de Mayo mix exchange was initiated. I made my mix for my honorable east coast artist colleague Mike Treffehn this time around, and, like MixXmas, have decided to change up my routine a little bit. By and large, this is not dance music, though some kinda is. I wanted to take this opportunity to start my first ever mix series, and I'm titling it "Feel Music." These songs have had a big impact on the way my studio work has developed conceptually this past semester, and so I thought making a concise mix of them would both pay them tribute, and include them in a new self-contained piece altogether. I hope people like it, because I'll probably make "Vol. 2" someday. Also, I know there are two little blips in The Field's remix right before it leads into the Basinksi track, but that's because my rickety computer had a hard time getting the 20 minute Disintegration Loop going. I left it in as a nod to The Field's own "Sun and Ice." As a bonus I'm also posting a zip file with all of the individual tracks from the mix. Ciao.

Gold Skulltulla - Feel Music Vol. 1 (megaupload)

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - Before We Start, If?
Clark - Beg
Carlos y Gaby - Space Hammock (Daedelus's Power Cosmic Reprise)
Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha du Prince Remix)
Future Sound of London - Omnipresence
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Stereo Music for Serge Modular Prototype (Part Two)
Gang Gang Dance - Oxygen Demo Riddim
Trentemoller - The Forest
Kenji Yamamoto - Dark Agon Wastes (from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes OST)
Orbital - Time Becomes
Krazy Baldhead - Revolution (Para One Remix)
Joakim - Monster #2
Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night Essen Und Trinken Remix)
William Basinski - DLP4

Feel Music Vol. 1 (Individual Tracks).zip (megaupload)

PS - Apparently Megaupload cuts off the title of the mix, so you might want to add a little "1" in there after you download it. Also, this blog is now the #1 Google search result for Gold Skulltulla! Yay!

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