Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feel Music Vol. 3

It's time for another entry in the ambient/experimental Feel Music mix series (also a very belated MixXmas). I had originally planned to create Vol. 3 as two 40 minute mixes, one titled Mother Nature, and the other, Father Time, but the project was becoming too stretched out and sprawling. I took the best songs from both playlists and put them together for one 54 minute mix. If you don't recognize them outright, there are three video game soundtrack pieces in the mix. Down the line, they're from Limbo, Goldeneye 007, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but they're more of ambient soundscapes than theme songs, so they can be difficult to pick out. Hope you like it. Thanks for listening.

Gold Skulltulla - Feel Music Vol. 3

Orbital - Are We Here?
Martin Stig Andersen - Boys' Fort
Voices From The Lake - In Giova
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason - Simalcra 1
Loops Of Your Heart - Cries
Darkside - A2
Graeme Norgate & Grant Kirkhope - Cuban Jungle
Future Sound Of London - Cascade Part 1
Koji Kondo - Cave
Vatican Shadow - Boxes Were Wired To Batteries Then Loaded Into A Brown Toyota Cargo Truck
Evian Christ - MYD
Laurel Halo - Wow
Andy Stott - Leaving
Johan Agebjorn - Love Ray
Koudlam - The Great Empire
Chromatics - There's A Light Out On The Horizon

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