Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Music of 2013 (#30-11)

30. Tim Hecker - Virgins LP
Combines Hecker's drone mastery with his more recent piano-based forays.

29. Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald - 1/1 LP
Hauntingly sparse techno ambiance deftly paired with free-jazz trumpet.

28. My Bloody Valentine - mbv LP
I have no nostalgia for this band, but there last 3 tracks here really shred.

27. Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest LP
Grim and understated, this long awaited return takes a few listens to catch on.

26. Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven LP
OPN albums always feel academic, but this one is immediately satisfying.

25. Kelela - Cut 4 Me LP
Sweet RnB record with harsh electronic production from Fade To Mind label.

24. Justice - Access All Arenas LP
Not on level with Alive 2007, but likewise improves even their least interesting songs.

23. Rustie - Triadzz / Slasherr
Propulsive mid-range bangers; probably my most listened-to tracks this year.

22. The Juan Maclean - Feel Like Movin'
Maclean's best tracks all feature Nancy Whang on vocals; add another to the list.

21. Baadman - Stab
Squelchy acid house rave music from the up-and-coming French producer.

20. Dense & Pika - Move Your Body Back
Huge, chest-caving bass hits; "drop" of the year.

19. Goldfrapp -Tales Of Us LP
A return to the intimate arrangements of Felt Mountain yields gorgeous results.

18. Siriusmo - Congratulator
Infectiously catchy disco house track; simple as that.

17. Annie - A&R EP
Light and upbeat bubblegum pop of the highest caliber.

16. Ikonika - Aerotropolis LP
Warmest effort to date; best songs would make an outstanding video game soundtrack.

15. CFCF - Music For Objects EP
A series of small, yet extremely evocative arrangements.

14. Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Elements Of Light LP
PdP's minimal techno gets a textural boost thanks to a lot of pretty bells.

13. Laurel Halo - Behind The Green Door EP
LH comes back to techno with an EP full of mystery and intrigue.

12. John Wizards - John Wizards LP
A genre-hopping world music romp that always puts on a smile.

11. Machinedrum - Vapor City LP
Forward-thinking bass music picks up where Lone's Galaxy Garden left off.

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